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eik (eikemeier) wrote :

grub-probe seems to have problems reading zfs root volumes:

# uname -a
Linux ... 4.4.0-42-generic #62-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 23:11:45 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

grub2-common 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.2

# grub-probe -vv /
grub-probe: info: opening hostdisk//dev/sda,gpt3.
grub-core/kern/disk.c:196: Opening `hostdisk//dev/sda,gpt3'...
grub-probe: info: drive = 0.
grub-probe: info: the size of hostdisk//dev/sda is 250069680.
grub-core/partmap/gpt.c:90: Read a valid GPT header
grub-core/partmap/gpt.c:114: GPT entry 0: start=2048, length=262144
grub-core/partmap/gpt.c:114: GPT entry 1: start=264192, length=524288
grub-core/partmap/gpt.c:114: GPT entry 2: start=788480, length=...
grub-core/kern/fs.c:56: Detecting zfs...
grub-core/osdep/hostdisk.c:415: opening the device `/dev/sda3' in open_device()
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1192: label ok 0
grub-core/osdep/hostdisk.c:394: reusing open device `/dev/sda3'
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1007: check 2 passed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1018: check 3 passed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1025: check 4 passed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1035: check 6 passed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1043: check 7 passed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1054: check 8 passed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1064: check 9 passed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1086: check 11 passed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1112: check 10 passed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1128: str=com.delphix:hole_birth
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1128: str=com.delphix:embedded_data
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1137: check 12 passed (feature flags)
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1875: zio_read: E 0: size 2048/2048
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1898: endian = -1
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:595: dva=8, 24001a0
grub-core/osdep/hostdisk.c:394: reusing open device `/dev/sda3'
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:442: checksum fletcher4 verification failed
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:447: actual checksum 0000008850fa484a 00008bc07d1cd92b 005f734808deba9e 309d3301197ab484
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:452: expected checksum 00000003723052ca 0000065794886ce3 0005d97ca345c97f 039aedaa53c30aa5
grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c:1919: incorrect checksum
grub-core/kern/fs.c:78: zfs detection failed.

So it seems zio_read in grub-core/fs/zfs/zfs.c is failing.

The effect is that the root pool detection is /etc/grub.d/10_linux

rpool=`${grub_probe} --device ${GRUB_DEVICE} --target=fs_label 2>/dev/null || true`

gives an empty name for the root pool, resulting in an wrong kernel parameter


in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, rendering the system unbootable.