Comment 15 for bug 1242417

yossarian_uk (morgancoxuk) wrote :

Hi. the Proposed updates do result in a bootable system.

I have just re-tested,

Blank drive - fresh install

- after install I chrooted into install (with efi, /dev,/sys,/proc mounted )
[in chroot]
- I added saucy-proposed to sources.list
- updated all grub packages from saucy-proposed
- rebooted

OS Boots fine!

System boots however adds a new 'kubuntu' + 'ubuntu' UEFI entry.

I cannot get rid of the 'ubuntu' entry - if I delete it with efibootmgr or bcfg it returns on reboot - whilst the /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu folder exists.

The 'ubuntu' UEFI entry only appeared after installing the updated grub packages.

Both 'ubuntu' and the 2 'kubuntu' UEFI entries now boot to kubuntu 13.10.

I haven't installed ubuntu (was a blanked disk and I had also removed all UEFI entries pre install