Comment 23 for bug 1097570

Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

@Bin Li: This sounds like it could be a firmware-specific issue. The prefix is supposed to be derived from the EFI Loaded Image Protocol, which is really the only way I'm aware of to implement the feature requested in this bug report in a reliable way. If it doesn't work on your firmware then we have a deeper problem. And yes, "search --file /.disk/info" rebooting your laptop is absolutely a bug, although one that should be filed separately. This could well be related to the broken/missing prefix.

One possibility is that this is a problem with EFI stack alignment; I mention that because it was recently fixed upstream. I expect to have a recent upstream snapshot in trusty in the next week or two, which would be worth testing. Until then, I think it would be best to leave verification of this bug to Shih-Yuan Lee, if that's OK, to avoid clouding this issue with what sounds like a separate problem.