Comment 82 for bug 8497

Michael Rooney (mrooney) wrote :

Hello, is this really fixed? I came here from and had this error today installing Ubuntu 8.04 with Wubi. All went well until the second restart (the one after installation from within Ubuntu), and I got Error 15 on all entries including Windows, which was quite scary, and a pretty nasty bug. I had to follow the instructions: """You have to change all the lines "root (hdX,Y)/ubuntu/disks" to "root ()/ubuntu/disks". Also edit the line that starts with "#groot=(hdX,Y)/ubuntu/disks" to "#groot=()/ubuntu/disks".""" After that it worked fine, luckily I was able to discover this, but for someone not already familiar with Ubuntu this could be pretty traumatic.

That Wubi wiki page says this is the bug for that issue, so either that is wrong or this issue isn't fixed (or there is some third option I don't know about :) What's up?