Comment 71 for bug 8497

stdPikachu (sdottait) wrote :

Sounds like this might be related to my problem at Not only did GRUB install itself to hd2 (needs to be changed to hd0 to boot) but the kernel typically enumerates the SATA drives in a completely different order every time. If fstab wasn't using UUID's I'd be utterly hosed...

When installed, GRUB picks up the drive precedence correctly from the BIOS, but the kernel doesn't. I'm mulling over writing a bunch of udev rules in order to get a consistently sane device mapping going but would prefer trying out a possible fix first.

As I think I said in the forum, it looks to me like the LiveCD GRUB is basing its detection on what the running kernel has read the drives as, whereas the installed GRUB bases its information on what it gets directly from the BIOS, but the kernel/udev that boots then also wrongly detects the drive order (and in an inconsistent fashion too). Could easily turn into a very nasty problem for people like me with many hard drives or, heaven fobid, people with removable hard drives (again like me ;)).

Still working my way through this thread so apologies if I've repeated something.