Comment 68 for bug 8497

I agree that it is possible (likely even) that the comments here reflect several problems and not just one. As an end-user, I report on symptoms as best I can (i.e. "wont boot after kernel update"), the underlying problems are probably better identified by those more familiar with the structure of the operating system (you?) - symptoms can then be grouped by their underlying causes. In this case, the similarity appears to be that changing the ordering of drive references can make the machine fail to boot.

I gather that the UUID would not change between consecutive boots, but I don't really understand when you say "you should be using UUIDs." The installation process I followed did not ask me whether I wanted to use UUIDs. I could certainly read up on how to make the proposed change, but perhaps an update/fix is still warranted if the installation process should have been configuring to use UUIDs.