Comment 64 for bug 8497

Billnvd (billnvd) wrote :

My experience with this issue is a little different.

The system is a file server running 6.06 LTS
There are five HD's

Boot and OS disk is attached to the MB Pri Master.
This disk has always been HDA
Partitions are:
hda1 = boot
hda5 = root
hda6 = home

There are four MDRaid disks on a SIL controller.
These disks have always been HDE, F, G, H

The system was removed from service back when the kernel was at - /vmlinuz-2.6.12-10-386.

Today we refired the system, did a apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade.

The default kernel is now - /vmlinuz-2.6.15-29-386

The system now fails to complete a boot cycle, dropping to the shell.
Indicates /dev/hda5 does not exist.

Booting with the older kernel works fine.
Booting with the current kernel indicates that the onboard controller is now located at HDE and the SIL controller is now HDA, B, C, D.

This problem is a MAJOR problem and a showstopper for Ubuntu. How can anyone trust "Ubuntu Server" when a kernel upgrade changes something like HD detection order and effectively kills a system.

It's not the BIOS as this system worked fine since the early release of 6.06. It has been updated several times. Sometime changed in Grub or the Kernel.

I have another system running Fiesty that randomly changes the assigned drive order with a 3ware sata raid card. This does not effect the booting, but it makes auto mounting of the array impossible. After every boot cycle we have to check which order has been assigned and manually mount the array.