Comment 63 for bug 8497

Hi Colin, I'm taking the imposition of assigning this to you because many of the duplicates were and it seems to need someone to move it forward. I thought you'd know who that should be. Also, says an Importance of High is for a bug that "Has a severe impact on a small portion of Ubuntu users". This bug stops systems booting for a small, but growing, number of users. It also says "Makes a default Ubuntu installation generally unusable for some users... for example the system fails to boot". I think that's also true so can you please up the Importance from the default Medium to High. Even if it makes no difference to when the bug is fixed, it would act as a comforter to those of us bitten by it. :-) has a good summary of the problem: "x86 systems suffer from a disconnect between what BIOS believes is the boot disk, and what Linux thinks BIOS thinks is the boot disk. This manifests itself in multi-disk systems - it's quite possible to install a distribution, only to fail on reboot - the disk installed to is not the disk BIOS is booting from. Dell restricts our possible standard factory installed Linux offerings to "disks on no more than one controller" to avoid this problem, but mechanisms now exist to solve it and allow such configurations."

This bug is, as predicted, biting not just those doing a fresh install, possibly for the first time, how off-putting!, but also those upgrading from 7.04.