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Dustin Kirkland  (kirkland) wrote : Re: [Bug 360832] Re: unable to boot from the second disk of a RAID1 array - error 21

I have performed a new installation into a kvm of today's Jaunty amd64 server.

2 disks, 2 GB apiece, qcow2.

Both are partitioned into a single raid partition, raid1 together,
serving / on ext3. No separate /boot, or swap partition. Note that I
needed 256MB of memory for this to work.

I was then able to boot degraded in each of the following four cases:

kvm -hda server1.img
kvm -hdb server1.img
kvm -hda server2.img
kvm -hdb server2.img

That's using each of my disks, in each of the first and second disk position.

In all 4 cases, grub found a bootloader, started the kernel and
initramfs noticed that a disk was missing.

I have not yet been able to reproduce the problem, Mathias. There
must be something with the way in which libvirt calls kvm that's
introducing this problem...