Comment 6 for bug 953559

Jean.c.h (slug71) wrote :

I tried installing both 12.04 and 12.10 using BTRFS for both / and /home and Grub failed to install with each of them. Tried on both my Netbook as well as my test rig(P4). When I dig a little deeper, it seems Grub complains about core.img being "unusually large".....

An interesting observation I made today though.
On my test rig I have a number of installations of numerous distros. Havent fired this up in a couple of years mind you so I still had the Lucid development install as the latest on
On the box I had a install of Fedora 13(which was the latest stable at the time IIRC) on BTRFS. Installed as both / and /home. Fedora 13 still had legacy Grub and I remember Lucid with Grub2 not being able to boot Fedora 13.
Well last night I replaced the Lucid install with 12.04 on Ext4(since BTRFS wounldn't work) and then today decided to check if Fedora would boot. Sure enough it boots! So I KNOW they can play nice.