Comment 7 for bug 420992

Richard Lee (rawk) wrote :

(Just adding some more information)

I ran into an issue on a system with a fake-raid on the first few SATA hard drives, followed by stand-alone SATA drives. The target install is on the stand-alone SATA drives, and not on the fake-raid.

When attempting to install grub2 using the default hard drive selection, the system doesn't boot and errors in grub 1.5 stage with error 15. The install for 9.04 worked with the default drive selection, but the system had a different grub 0.97 setup on the fake-raids' boot-sector. The boot-sector was damaged by the grub2 install with 9.10 but fake-raid setup and data is still intact.

I fixed it by directing the Ubuntu Install to install grub2 on the stand-alone hard drive instead of the default hard drive selection. My BIOS supports selecting the boot-order for the hard disks, and my system boots fine now with grub2. My fake-raid contents were undamaged.