Comment 14 for bug 420992

Tom Louwrier (tom-louwrier) wrote :

See also my post in LP:631795.
Yesterday I had to try some combo of software that would not install on Lucid together. So I got adventurous and did a two-stage upgrade of my testing system from Lucid to Maverick and then on to Natty. This is the machine with an Intel chipset and 2 disks in mirror set. (The other one has a Promise Fasttrack and 2 discs in a striped set.)

Grub did not install on the right device twice, so I had to boot off an USB-stick to rescue a broken system and reinstall it manually from a root shell. That fixed it for me, but I would have expected the installer to
- find the active raid set (I did activate it manually earlier on in the process)
- use the existing configuration (this was an upgrade)
- ask me where to boot from (well it sort of did, but whatever I pointed it to, it went back to /sda)
As things are now Grub / Grub-installer has been breaking installations on dmraid reliably in Lucid, Maverick and Natty.
I think this may be related to several issues in Gparted and dmraid on same machines where name convention for devices and partitions is not consistent.

If there's anything I need to check and report back here, let me know.