Comment 64 for bug 617885

Seth (bugs-sehe) wrote :

A last checkback: I may note that where Arenlor refers to #38, I had this analyzed with steps to reproduce back in #13 (patch in #12 from september 29th...).
It pains me to see that the general public is still not helped with that. I can only hint at the new package for 0.7.0 (god knows where) if you are not up to compiling it from (upstream) source.

I understand that there will be delays, especially with upstream fixes, incubation and distribution release schedules and such. It is just that I sort of expected this to be merged downstream a bit more efficiently because of it's central position in the gnome desktop and the high level of stopping-problem-ness for the end-user.

People who can tell me how else [1] I could expedite this process a next time around, are very much invited to share their knowledge so I can be more effective next time.

[1] I since also contributed this fix directly to the upstream repo for the 0.7.0 version