Comment 16 for bug 617885

Seth (bugs-sehe) wrote :

@Aurimas: I'd like to verify that but I don't know what repo you refer to

Did you mean upstream ( In that case, how would you know it is fixed for ubuntu since the current problem lives exactly in the debian patches (i.e. _not_ in upstream)?

If you have simply taken the latest from the upstream repo, that seems like comparing apples and oranges to me, and has hardly anything to do with the Ubuntu package.

In other words, if you meant HEAD from

then how can I be sure this fixes it for any distribution? It would hardly be a given that the HEAD revision will end up in any stable distro (normally, the latest stable will be used); besides, packagers might not 'get it right' in dropping/fixing the
02_btrfs.patch as required.

Which loops back to my question: where / how can I test this for Ubuntu?