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Gitane (gtarn) wrote :

This game has its support base and so the bug should really be given some importance rather than completely ignored.
There is a New York Shogi Club and a British Shogi Club, quote:

"The British Shogi Federation (BSF) is the National Representative Organisation of the Federation of European Shogi Associations (FESA) for Shogi players in Britain. The BSF aims to increase public awareness of Shogi and to provide a source of information for its members. It organises the annual British Open Shogi Championships each year, and supports and encourages other British Shogi Tournaments."

Xshogi can be installed via Synaptic Package Manager. On Debian, Linux Mint Debian XFCE and I believe Linux Mint Gnome, the installation is easy: install the 2 packages "gnushogi" and "xshogi" and it has always immediately had a Menu entry and worked out of the box. Why not in Maya Mate? Perhaps it's a Mate problem or a missing library?

Thanks in advance for any help.