Comment 2 for bug 1656071

@seb128 I actually had gnome-sushi installed, and still nothing.

Might wanna revise to not imply Ubuntu 16.10 does previews unless someone installs gnome-sushi. That article certainly makes it sound like previewing files is part of 16.10.

"The built-in preview supports most file formats for documents, images, video, and audio. In the preview, you can scroll through your documents or seek through your video and audio."

The words "built-in preview" mean that, at least according to this official Ubuntu documentation, users DON'T have to install any extra packages to get preview.

For me, in 16.10, gnome-sushi does nothing either. Only thing that works is gloobus-preview, which as I understand is some sort of derivative of sushi. Gloobus sucks pretty bad. Doesn't let you press arrow keys from file to file. You have to press space twice, then arrow to the next file, then space again, then space again to close preview, then arrow to the next file. Pretty sucky.

Please add functional preview to default Nautilus, as promises, or don't promise it as a "built-in" function.