Comment 37 for bug 96676

On Tue, 23 Oct 2007, Alexey Borzenkov wrote:

> Also I just found that xterm sends slightly different codes for
> Shift+F1...F4, so this myxterm.ti is also for xterm:
> xterm|X11 terminal emulator with correct kf-sequences,

This would be for xterm with modifyFunctionKeys:0

I made a list in xterm (duplicated in ncurses) called "xterm+pcf0".

> kf13=\EO1;2P,
> kf14=\EO1;2Q,
> kf15=\EO1;2R,
> kf16=\EO1;2S,

and this would be with modifyFunctionKeys:2

The corresponding list is called "xterm+pcf2", and corresponds to the
default settings.

The terminfo entries are built up in chunks to make it (relatively) simple
to patch the terminfo to reflect different preferences for

> kf13=\E[1;2P,
> kf14=\E[1;2Q,
> kf15=\E[1;2R,
> kf16=\E[1;2S,

> use=xterm-xf86-v44,
> However Shift+F2 acts as Shift+F4 (in mc) in xterm too.

refer to

which lists several of the chunks for xterm (not all combinations - there
are many).

Thomas E. Dickey