Comment 33 for bug 96676

Can anyone please explain what exactly has to be done with termcap files in order to actually use them? TD is unreasonably terse which makes it very difficult to decipher the advice that he offers.

Please, most people have not had to deal with terminfo or tic before... the last time I saw a bug in a terminal definition it was back in the dark ages of termcap. We don't work with this stuff every day and really need to be told exactly what to do.

It's incredibly frustrating to watch people pointing fingers at each other, or debating whether this is really a bug like a bunch of pissy schoolgirls, please everybody if you're not going to bother fixing this problem, can you at least give me the information to fix this myself!?

Terminfo and tic are incredibly poorly documented to the point that hours of googling has failed to turn up a single example of an invocation of tic. Given the poor state of support and documentation can I suggest that ubuntu upgrade to /etc/termcap?