Comment 23 for bug 96676

Wasn't fighting for whose fault it was; was "fighting" whether it was a really bug, and whether infocmp's output really was meant to describe modified function keys. Now that that's been established, I think the change should be relatively straightforward; assuming xterm has changed its behavior _intentionally_, the terminfo database needs to change. Assuming gnome-terminal has changed compatibly, that should be all. If gnome-terminal is currently behaving differently from xterm, then gnome-terminal would need to stop claiming to be xterm ^_^

As I mentioned, gnome-terminal _has_ changed incompatibly wrt to xterm, in its handling of modified cursor keys and the like. AFAICT, this was an unintentional change, however, and so the fix needs to be made in gnome-terminal. And that's a separate bug.

A brief discussion with upstream would be good, to verify that the terminfo needs to change. Because, if the change was intentional, it seems like they should have updated the terminfo in the X source as well; but the link Alex gave shows a terminfo with still-broken control sequences.