Comment 12 for bug 96676


I'm afraid I must disappoint you. The entire problem started (for me) with Feisty and only appears when working locally. When I log in via ssh (i.e. not Ubuntu xterm, but e.g. RHEL4), everything works as expected: Shift-F4 opens a new file to edit. If it was mc causing problems, I would expect the very same problems there as well. Moreover, the same problem is reported for vim as well (I didn't add that here, because I didn't verify). So it is very unlikely that mc is the "troublemaker".

One more "evidence" is: Simply open xterm without starting anything, press the Shift key and tap all function keys one after the other. You will notice, that the reaction on F1..F4 is very different than F5+: F1..F4 simply cause a beep and display one upper-case character (P to S), while everything above that displays ";2~" (also with a beep) - which shows me that there must be something in common to F1..F4 which is different from the others.