Comment 6 for bug 430425

I "cured" the problem by installing a good quality AGP card.
For the Dell GX150 desktop mahine, it had to be a low-profile
card. I had to rework the end plate to fit the case configuration
and height. I will look up the two cards that worked and let
you know -- Best regards!

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<email address hidden> writes:

> I have the same problem. I've added a screenshot of the terminal window.
> I seem to be unable to make a screenshot with the mouse over the terminal
> window or with a menu item selected.
> It is possible to access the menu, but you can only see the pop-up group
> of items you see when you click on something.
> Ie. you can't see 'Help' but you can see the list 'contents, ..., about'
> when you click on the place where 'Help' should be.