Activity log for bug #1577253

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2016-05-01 23:57:37 Ty Young bug added bug
2016-05-01 23:58:07 Ty Young summary Gnome Software may fail or re-prompt uninstall of software Gnome Software re-prompts uninstall of software
2016-05-02 17:51:06 Bruce Pieterse gnome-software (Ubuntu): status New Confirmed
2016-06-01 04:58:11 Alberto Salvia Novella gnome-software (Ubuntu): importance Undecided High
2016-12-04 00:15:45 Mathias Avelind bug added subscriber Mathias Avelind
2017-03-24 17:03:59 Jeremy Bicha marked as duplicate 1551599