Comment 6 for bug 1826219

Paul Natsuo Kishimoto (khaeru) wrote :

Thanks! My searches before filing the bug suggested that the log messages were symptoms, but I was unable to find any guideline on how to diagnose further.

I've uninstalled gsconnect (both the Gnome extension, and the accompanying Chrome extension), and fully rebooted. The locks still occur.

Some extra information:

1. In trying to pin down the cause, I…
   - Uninstalled zeitgeist
   - Disabled tracker:

Neither of these made a difference.

2. I also identified what seems to be a separate issue:

3. Finally, I notice differences between the bug in the default 'Ubuntu' session and the 'Ubuntu on Wayland' session. The initial bug report, above, was from 'Ubuntu on Wayland'. In the default 'Ubuntu' session:
- The display and keyboard input lock, but the mouse cursor can still be moved.
- The 'Key repeat discarded' and 'libinput error' log messages do not occur.

Other symptoms (e.g. CPU usage spike for gnome-shell) are the same.