Comment 51 for bug 1748450

Not sure if you will find this useful, but for me this bug occurs regularly with a very common pattern.

I use a VPN to access my companies network when working remotely. I also regularly use Nautilus to sftp mount remote servers in my companies data centers. I use vscode as an IDE to edit C++ code files on the remote servers and run build scripts there as I develop. Local development, while possible, would be a significant hassle.

Eventually, the gnome-shell will crash taking the gvfs sftp mount with it. For me around 1-2 times per work day. Recovery is trivial, I just click on a bookmark in Nautilus to restart the mount.

This crash has been happening for years now. Wayland or X-Org.

This crash does not occur when I use the same workflow from my company's office. IE, private network without VPN.

I've always assumed this was a result of intermittent poor connectivity with my ISP.

Again, sorry if this comment is just noise.