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Bug #1970031: Grey (gray) appears as pink in Ubuntu 22.04 Low Confirmed 56 weeks
Bug #1244090: Pressing any global keyboard shortcut causes temporary loss of focus Low Triaged 303 weeks
Bug #1245473: Binding ctrl+shift, alt+shift, etc for switching keyboard layout makes shortcuts with ctrl+shift, etc not working in any program High Triaged 313 weeks
Bug #1717198: Make normal volume step smaller (Artful) Low Confirmed 338 weeks
Bug #1583861: Keyboard backlight isn't properly restored after idle on systems with hardwired configuration Medium Confirmed 406 weeks
Bug #1521042: Custom key combination doesn't work on reassigning with system default shortcut Undecided Confirmed 431 weeks
Bug #1226962: Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) not functional in some cases in non-latin keyboard layouts High Triaged 442 weeks
Bug #1202198: gnome-settings daemon notifies as error an info message Low Confirmed 470 weeks
Bug #1315867: Don't strip XKB grp Undecided New 513 weeks
Bug #1065979: external/internal monitors mirrored on boot when laptop lid is closed Wishlist Confirmed 541 weeks
Bug #1119844: Use preferred resolution when a new monitor is plugged in Undecided New 577 weeks
Bug #805894: gnome-settings-daemon crashed with signal 5 in xkl_process_error() Medium Confirmed 585 weeks
Bug #906987: syndaemon polls 5 times a second even though it is started with the -R XRecord extension option Undecided Confirmed 627 weeks
Bug #860600: Media keys aren't working (Ubuntu 11.10, Pithos latest daily) Low Confirmed 628 weeks
Bug #738806: On Acer Aspire One AOD521 not work battery indicator applet. Undecided New 658 weeks
Bug #443358: No Mouse-Button Reverse Option for Touchpads Wishlist Confirmed 716 weeks
Bug #563276: No way to tweak multi-finger tap reaction Wishlist Triaged 725 weeks
Bug #415023: brightness is broken on MSI WIND U100 Undecided Confirmed 743 weeks
Bug #454807: Display Settings Panel Icon should have Detect Monitors entry Wishlist Triaged 750 weeks

From: j^
Link: Detect Monitors

Bug #357673: No notification when sliding audio volume, muting volume on ThinkPad X23, X24, X31, X32, X41, X60, T22, T40, T41, T42, T43, T43p, T60, R50e, R51, R52 Medium Triaged 774 weeks
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