Comment 10 for bug 938076

Please correct me if this summary of the problem is wrong:
1. If startup requires a password, waking from suspend should require that password too.
2. However, Ubuntu (unlike OS X, for example) isn't smart enough to tell or specify whether startup requires a password, let alone to use the same password automatically.
3. Therefore, Ubuntu should offer the next best thing -- an extra option to require your login password when waking from suspend.
4. Turning on this option should not also require entering your password when returning from the display turning off, because that's much more likely to be a momentary accident than going into suspend is.

If that summary is correct, the main problem is the step from 2 to 3. You would have to enter one password when returning from suspend, and a different password in a different UI when returning from hibernate, and that would be silly.

If that's the way you want to go, though, here's a sketch of how it could be presented in the current panel. (Disclaimer: this sketch is not an endorsement of the idea of putting brightness and lock settings in the same panel, which is obviously bonkers. I'm assuming moving them at this point would be too invasive.)

Behavior notes:
- Whenever "Turn off the screen when inactive" is unchecked, its own menu and "Turning the screen on again" should both be insensitive.
- Whenever "Turn off the screen when inactive" is checked, the "Inactive for:" menu should not contain any periods shorter than the current "Turn off the screen when inactive for:" value, because they would have no effect. And if the previous selection was one of the values that is removed, "Inactive for" should become unchecked.