Comment 58 for bug 885730

Alexey Kulik (doctor-rover) wrote :

> if you have the issue please try to update and comment back here
The situation is as follows. At the moment, I can check the issue only within the live-session. So, I have updated the system from the live session and indeed got gnome-settings-daemon updated to 3.3.91-0ubuntu6.
So I can see that the problem described in comment #47 and shown at the video from comment #50 has vanished. Thus, during switching between different windows, the layout indicator now seems to work quite correctly. Great!
But the way of the bug reproduction which I have described in comment #48 still seems to lead to the same incorrect behavior.
So once again, the problem is in the first layout switching right after start of an application. The first switching leads to actual change of the layout but it is not followed by the indicator change. To reproduce:
1) Start any application (say, gedit). The layout is "en" and the indicator shows also "en".
2) Switch the layout to the other. The layout will be actually changed but the indicator will still show "en" which is incorrect.

And one more observation. If you do something (press Alt to reveal HUD, switch to another window and then return back) before the first layout change, the indicator will react correctly.
Also, I can reproduce this within both settings "Use the same layout for all windows" and "Allow different layouts for individual windows".
Thank you!