Comment 41 for bug 871133

Nathan Osman (george-edison55) wrote :

"...just attached the patch done by Nathan Osman"

I didn't create the patch either, though I did need to tweak it a bit to fix some compilation errors.

"First I see reports (mostly in the upstream report) that people are getting 10-30% steps in volume instead of the defined 6%."

I know this isn't going to carry a lot of weight but I've been running the modified package on my desktop for a couple weeks now and it has worked flawlessly. Volume always changes by the percentage I choose. One important question worth answering is whether the users observing the 10-30% jump modified the value from its default. If users leave the setting at its default value, is behavior any different? If not, then the issue only affects those who change the setting - users who are likely willing to accept the issues anyway.

"Second using a linear scale for a volume slider is really not ideal, pulse audio uses a cubic scale to define volume, but from a quick glance at the source code it may be that g-s-d is plugging linear values into these structures."

The patch doesn't change the expression used for calculating norm_vol_step. It merely replaces VOLUME_STEP with the value from the new setting.

I've linked my branch containing the patch and uploaded a Xenial build of gnome-settings-daemon to the PPA mentioned in my earlier message with the same patch. If the patch is accepted and merged, I will do the same thing for unity-settings-daemon - but I don't want to take the time to do that now if there isn't any chance of this getting accepted.