Comment 3 for bug 623435

Karl Lattimer (karl-qdh) wrote :

The screenshot here is the desired outcome. However, the background rectangle and the two letter name for the layout are slightly more difficult. Requiring some investigation into all the available abbreviations and a solution to deal with the overall size of the text and an API change to libindicator to change the background, unless we can find a decent way to skin an icon only.

We decided to stick with just a label for now until we can get to exactly where we want it to be.

My question is, how were you changing the icon in the first place? From what I've seen of the code the text was extracted and applied directly, which is the behaviour we've tried to mimic here. There was no themable icon, or was there?

@Seb128, what might be possible is to set the flag icon which was used in the status icon menu to be used in place of the keyboard icon, then we've got flag + label. Still not 100% sure how easy that'll be but I can give it a go.

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