Comment 528 for bug 1218322

Norbert (nrbrtx) wrote :

Dear Mikhail and all!

I have a discussion on Maillist ( about keyboard layout switching. It has no positive results.

I have reported <Ctrl+Shift> interference about as bug 1245473.
For myself I "fixed" this bug by switching to MATE DE on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
I hope to be there until 2021 year.
It is bad, that modern MATE versions have this interference problem (see bug 1720364).

I tried to start a discussion on Maillist ( ) about using MATE DE as default desktop on Ubuntu, but they want to stick with GNOME.

Switching to Wayland adds other interference - <Alt+Shift> as layout switcher opens Firefox menu (see bug 1712200).

It's time to test MATE DE on old-good and stable Xorg.