Comment 35 for bug 1218322

I've upgraded from previous versions where I had Alt+Shift as the shortcut toggling between English and Hungarian. Now, not being to specify this, I chose Ctrl+Space. The current behavior is:
- If I select English in the indicator or via Ctrl+Space then the layout is English, and Alt+Shift does nothing.
- If I select Hungarian in the indicator or via Ctrl+Space then the layout is initially Hungarian but Alt+Shift toggles between En and Hu, but without updating the indicator.
Total chaos.

In Text Entry Settings, if I press the Windows key plus Space, I get "Mod4+Super+Hyper+Space" displayed -- what the heck??? Mod4 and Hyper, what the hell are those, and why aren't they shown on the Keyboard Layout Chart, and why does the dialog claim I pressed them? And how do I revert to the previous value which was simply Super+Space?

Moreover, Ctrl+Space (my currently specified shortcut) only works if I press Ctrl, press Space, release Space and finally release Ctrl in this order. If I release the two keys in reverse order (which is way more natural for me as my hand quickly rolls over the two keys, rather than stopping and moving backwards) then it doesn't work. Yet again a total usability failure.

This whole thing is a complete disaster :(