Comment 7 for bug 771896

Russ W. Knize (rknize) wrote :

Looks like it was removed deliberately:

The original rationale is that it was broken and they didn't have time to fix it. However the subsequent discussion shows that they do not intend to. The reasoning is highly flawed. I keep my machines on 24/7. I have 10 or more workspaces and dozens of terminals, editors, and you-name-it. It is how I manage doing many things in parallel since my brain cannot. I use this feature when I am forced to reboot due to a security update or some other major issue. Losing all of that context is detrimental to me. I've been struggling to figure out how to work with Unity, but after discovering this I fear I am going to have to say goodbye to Ubuntu. I've been using it since Breezy (and Debian much longer than that), but it is going in a direction that is not for power users and clearly not for me.