Comment 6 for bug 263211

Roland Dreier (roland.dreier) wrote :

I see this to on an Intrepid system (running gnome, not kde). After a while, no more X clients can be started, and I get the error 'Maximum number of clients reachedxlsclients: unable to open display ":0.0"'

However if I close some client, then I am able to start another client. And apparently X doesn't see very many clients, eg with a system in this state that is only able to open one more client, I get:

$ xlsclients
roland-conroe x-session-manager
roland-conroe gnome-settings-daemon
roland-conroe gtk-window-decorator
roland-conroe gnome-screensaver
roland-conroe gnome-panel
roland-conroe nautilus
roland-conroe update-notifier
roland-conroe gnome-power-manager
roland-conroe nm-applet
roland-conroe evolution-alarm-notify
roland-conroe evolution-exchange-storage
roland-conroe trashapplet
roland-conroe multiload-applet-2
roland-conroe music-applet
roland-conroe gnome-terminal
roland-conroe notification-daemon

My guess would be some leak in the X server that doesn't fully free up clients when they exit.