Comment 31 for bug 263211

On Saturday 22 November 2008, Chris Purves wrote:
> I did try something similar, but for me all the extra clients were
> opened shortly after login, so not enough time to kill processes before
> they would spawn multiple instances. I found that I had 183 instances
> of python running after logging in to KDE. Removing as many startup
> apps as I could did not identify the problem app, but I found that
> creating and logging in to a new account didn't exhibit the multiple
> instances of python and xclients.
> My solution was to rename ~/.kde and allow it to be regenerated. This
> has resolved the problem for me.

Interesting. I wonder if you were running into a guidance-power-manager bug
in handling old configurations... That's the primary thing I know of that
uses Python after you log in. It's the tool which shows your battery power
as well as allows you to suspend/hibernate and change power consumption

I may try that. It's a bit akin to reinstalling the os on Windows, without
all the hastel ;)