Comment 29 for bug 263211

On Saturday 22 November 2008, Chris Purves wrote:
> Are there any tips on how to troubleshoot this problem and isolate which
> application is not releasing resources. I am running kubuntu intrepid
> and when running xrestop see that the number of clients goes to 210 on
> startup.

I find that it's a hit or miss thing. I've not found an easy way to track
down what is causing the issue. The only thing I've been able to do is
use "xwininfo -root -children" (normally piped to wc -l) and "ps aux", and
start killing X apps owned by the current user and checking for large changes
to xwininfo. That's also how I found the fact that Koqueror processes were
not dying when I closed them.

I normally idle around 900 xclient listings at startup and I start having
problems around 2500-3000. Yes, I make use of many of KDE's utilities.