Comment 25 for bug 263211

On Thursday 30 October 2008, Brion Swanson wrote:
> You might start by disabling your screen saver (though you can leave
> your power saving features on). Even before this bug patch was
> committed, I disabled the screen saver and stopped experiencing the
> problem.
> This is just a helpful suggestion, not a verified solution by any means.

I'll try it.... but I rely on my screensave to save me from "oopses". Yes, I
realize cold-boot attacks render screen-savers less secure than otherwise
thought to be. But still, it provides some level of added safety.

What I want to know is why all these troubles started after upgrading. (I
think to Hardy??? I've lost track they've been plaguing me so long now).
It's become a part of life to close down valid windows. I never knew there
*was* a limit to the number of X clients a user could have running at once.

Point of interest, I run with two users logged in a lot (ie. :7 and :8 are
both setup to have login screens). When I hit the max on one, going to the
other allows me to work... as the other user of course. Yes, I have multiple
personality disorder and need two different users. long story.