Comment 90 for bug 1244548

Ira Abramov (seefood) wrote :

I don't see it needed for the login screen and it's not working for the gnome-screensaver unlock screen.

Using Ubuntu 17.04 here, but I have seen the same on LTS 16.04 and 14.04.
I know it's specific to gnome-screensaver since this is not happening in a Unity session, only Gnome.

Whether the indicator on the right of the password box says en or he (in my case, Hebrew) the language is always the last language that was selected at the time the screen locked. no alt-shift keyboard combos nor clicking on the indicator helps (the indicator changes, but the keyboard doesn't. in Hebrew it's clear to see, I have the cursor aligned to the right). the only solution if my screen accidentally locks on Hebrew is to ctrl-alt-F1, login and kill gnome-screensaver, switch back to X (only now the screen blanks after 10 seconds of inactivity until I run the gnome-screensaver again).

In short, as much as I love gnome, I'm forced to tweak Unity to be more usable because of this little annoyance, and Unity will soon be taken out of Ubuntu. isn't this about time it got fixed?