Comment 71 for bug 1244548

uwe (maabdulhaq) wrote :

Issue is persistent in 16.04, this is very annoying, and #69; that is not a fix, the language button in the login dialogue is misleading and broken, and the screen is usually locked due to inactivity which happens most of the time not for intentional screen lock.

I thought its bug 1286910 , but I'm using gnome shell and getting issues unlocking the screen, i can (supposedly) switch language from the unlock screen dialogue, but it actually does not change the language, I'm using arabic as the second input language, and even when I set the language to english in that dialogue, It seems to input arabic characters (try to use b or B or T; corresponding to two characters ﻻ, ﻵ and ﻹ . and will show two dots(that is, two characters); I use it as indicator for what language is being input.