Comment 60 for bug 121487

daniel (dwillar) wrote :

I am running a fairly fresh install of 7.10 with repository DVD's current as of 21 Jan, 2008. The gnome-ppp window stays in the "connecting" window for the entire session. I can get to the internet and do all things in a normal manner. My log file looks similar to those posted here. I have noticed that my .wvdial.conf file is being corrupted.

;Minimize = on/off
;Dock = on/off
;Do NOT edit this file by hand!

I am able to toggle both Minimize and Dock on and off. Nothing I do seems to remove the semi colons from the front of the lines. It appears that we are never getting to the code in connected.c as the gnome-ppp window is never updated to reflect that it is connected. Somewhere between connecting and connected things are going south.

line 172 in gnome-ppp-main.c appears to copy .wvdial.conf into a variable

   gnome_ppp.conf = g_strdup (".wvdial.conf");

It would be interesting to see the contents of .wvdial.conf and gnome_ppp.conf after the call to g_strdup.

I am brand new to GTK+ and gdb but I want this thing to work right. I may need some experienced help with this so please stay tuned for the next few days while I attempt to track this sucker down and fix it.