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jhfhlkjlj (fdsuufijjejejejej-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

I might have found a reliable workaround: Delaying the loading of the gnome-panel.

I've been running this for two days now (and have restarted over 20 times in addition for testing) and I haven't seen the problem any more. Granted, this bug is really a pisser-offer that I can see hiding temporarily, but after every boot up of that day giving me corruption it had completely stopped since I have done the following:

I created a tiny .sh script, placed in it my home folder, marked as executable, and then edited /usr/share/applications/gnome-panel.desktop so that exec=bash /home/<user>/

In the script, I have simply put:
#! /bin/bash

sleep 3 && gnome-panel &

(I couldn't get this to work in the gnome-panel.desktop files so I just made it execute the script)
This seems to have worked fine for me. I tried this out because I was getting tired of every single boot up having corruption. I've been very happy with the results. I dearly hope this could be of any use as this is probably the number one ARGH bug since ye olde window corruption bug from nvidia 177 drivers ;)

I think it should be noted that my computer hasn't had internet since May so I am pretty far out of date.