Comment 11 for bug 236376

I'm reopening this bug because it IMO is a regression. This is confirmed a bug in the show desktop button. I believe it to be a regression because the proposed fix for this bug: wanted to have the show desktop button to be a toggle to show desktop, and then restore windows if clicked again. However, if you show the desktop, and then go and manually open other windows, clicking the desktop icon again should (and intentionally should) show the desktop, not RESTORE the previously hidden windows from a 30 minute ago hiding of them. Enabling desktop effects (compiz) causes this bug to show up, whereas, if you don't enable compiz, the bug does not show up.

To reporduce: (compiz effects should be enabled to reproduce this, but its not required to have the special "show desktop" effect enabled, just standard default compiz)

step1) have some windows opened up
step2) click the "show desktop" button -> it will hide the windows and show the desktop to you
step3) open some more windows manually, for instance go to places -> home
step4) click the "show desktop" button again -> intentionally it should show the desktop, however it erroneously restores all the windows which were previoiusly minimized in step2.

This is a regression IMO to 8.04 and i believe to be directly related to the fix which was applied to correct this bug (99595, which was only asking to restore the windows back to original mode if the desktop was already showing)

if you feel that inappropriate then re-close it.