Comment 11 for bug 400973

Daniel Letzeisen (dtl131) wrote :

I found a good GUI workaround for controlling gstreamer and event sound preferences. One can still run the old gnome-sound-properties with a couple of files. The attached file has 32bit/x86 and 64bit/x86-64 versions of the gnome-sound-properties program. Move the appropriate version of this file to /usr/local/bin and move the (this file is not architecture-dependent) to /usr/local/share/gnome-control-center/glade/ (you'll probably need to create this directory).

If you need a different architecture, get the appropriate .deb at . DO NOT install the .deb, just right-click it and open it in the Archive Manager. The file you need is data.tar.gz/./usr/bin/gnome-sound-properties. Extract that file and follow the above instructions.

As for mixing, OSS4 users will probably want to use ossmix or ossxmix and ALSA users will probably install the alsamixergui package. I guess it would be possible to use the xfce4 mixer in GNOME too.