Comment 29 for bug 322909

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 7:19 PM, Yotam Benshalom <email address hidden> wrote:
> Every time I change the master volume using my laptop media keys (lg s1, ac97 audio) or using an app slider, it resets pcm & front volumes to 100%.
> This means that I get crackling audio almost immediately (max pcm and front does that), and I must keep master volume down in order to avoid it. The result is that I can use only low volume with my karmic system, unlike in Jaunty and below.

This is a well-known change that really isn't PA's fault; it's really
the OEM's but unfortunately affects everyone else downstream in the
supply chain.

for my change which allows you to work around the symptom.

It will not ship in Karmic final, because it will break a far larger
number of users.