Comment 24 for bug 1387303

Charles Baylis (cbaylis) wrote :

I can confirm that the "GNOME Keyring SSH Agent" entry is ticked in the startup applications window. A little more experimentation has provided more insight.

Starting with gnome-keyring 3.10.1-1ubuntu4.1, and continuing into 3.10.1-1ubuntu4.2, the ssh-agent only affects some processes started within a user session. The last working version was gnome-keyring 3.10.1-1ubuntu4

To demonstrate:
press Windows key, type xterm<enter>. In the new terminal window type 'echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK'. Result, as expected, is something like /run/user/1000/keyring-mm1fAl/ssh

Now, press Alt-F2, type xterm<enter>. n the new terminal window type 'echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK'. This results in an empty line - when started in this manner the terminal does not have access to the SSH agent.

I expect processes to have the SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable defined regardless of the method used to start them