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Bug #1823857: Backport to bionic a patch for improved fractional scaling Undecided New 11 days

From: Mitar
Link: scaling-displays.patch


Bug #1631750: Language installation doesn't work in Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 Settings app High Triaged 107 weeks

From: Tim Lunn
Link: g-c-c-packagekit_api_fix.patch


Bug #1132063: Mouse settings missing from Mouse & Touchpad dialog Medium Confirmed 133 weeks

From: Roman Shipovskij
Link: missing_mouse_settings.patch

Fix missing mouse settings

Bug #1385674: "Shared to other computers" Method missing from "Addresses" High Confirmed 203 weeks

From: David Lechner
Link: 1385674.patch


Bug #1248720: Bluetooth ON/OFF button switches OFF automatically Medium Confirmed 220 weeks

From: Yu Ning
Link: block-power-callback-unless-its-triggered-by-user.patch


Bug #1382804: gnome-control-center hangs when bluetooth visibility is toggled while bluetooth is turned off Undecided New 235 weeks

From: Laurens Post
Link: cc-bluetooth-panel.c.patch


Bug #1291862: [soundnua]mic volume adjust bar is gray if you open sound-nua input tab earlier than plugging micphone Low Triaged 266 weeks

From: Bin Li
Link: debug.patch

the new version of the patch.

Bug #893851: Brightness adjustment gauge in gnome-control-center screen not responding to brightness hot-keys Low In Progress 356 weeks

From: James M. Leddy
Link: Brightness-fix-for-gnome-settings-daemon-changes.patch


Bug #885947: Location of "Left-handed" and "Right-handed" are switched, logically Low Confirmed 369 weeks

From: kroq-gar78
Link: gnome-control-center_885947.patch

Switches "Right-handed" and "Left-handed" to be more logical; not tested

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