Comment 261 for bug 36812

(In reply to Zebediah Figura from comment #179)
> (In reply to Kovács Viktor from comment #178)
> > Kubuntu grants Control+Shift+K combination. Is it acceptable?
> The question is not, largely speaking, about whether there is any shortcut
> available. The question is largely specifically about shortcuts such as
> Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Shift, which due to this bug will interfere with other
> shortcuts and applications. Users such as myself are accustomed to using
> these shortcuts, and they should be expected to work.

Yes, I was thinking about it before you answered. I tested RCtrl+RShift combination, and it has no conflicts with hotkeys. There are possibility of XKeyboard-config, I used it before a keyboard layout: caps_switch_latch. It works when capslock pushed, but not released. I just thinking, I am in a black room. But it cannot do anything with hotkeys. I think, that problem is a miner-like. X-windows have messages keypress and release, but in my opinion, it should be adopt all windows manager. I will read the according X11 header files first, I promiss. After that I come back again, could we step to an easy way or not.