Comment 9 for bug 1753070

Ame Nomade (ame-nomade) wrote :

This bug is there for years, in fact for as long as I remember seeing this software around (so, maybe 10 years on Ubuntu?). It bothered me a lot (like a scratch on a brand new car or high tech device), and I always thought "well it's an obvious bug, it will be fixed soon, as everyone else will notice it and will be bothered by it (so that they will report it)".

Well it turns out that nobody cares, because it's been 10 years and I could never find a solution over the internet.

Up to today, I just found one: to set the default sound back, you need "dconf" and in "/org/gnome/desktop/sound/theme-name" you right-click and select "set to default value" (which appears to be "ubuntu" on Ubuntu). And voilĂ !


What the bug really consists of, is that in "gnome-control-center" when selecting "default" for the sound event, it does not set the default value, but it sets "freedesktop" (which probably in some cases might be right, but generally is not, like on Ubuntu).