Comment 27 for bug 1035431


Recent I got a HP bluetooth keyboard which has the exactly same issue,
after some analysis it's a problem between the dbus interface with gnome-bluetooth and bluez agent,
and I've backport some commits from bluez5 and fix some issues in gnome-bluetooth,

Can anyone who has this keyboard help me test the packages here:

#sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:timchen119/bluez4-ssp && apt-get update && apt-get install gnome-bluetooth bluez

the source code is locate at the "Related branches" in this bug.
If the result is positive I'll send the merge and prepare an SRU to sponsor.

I've upload Trusty, Utopic and Precise packages to my ppa, due to the bluez package is too old in Precise I've only port basic UI support and not as fancy as Trusty or Utopic but should still be usable.