Comment 0 for bug 81057

Mac (mac-jones) wrote :

Heaps of people all over the net are having issues with certain models of router sending back for any DNS request. (Not only on Ubuntu)

Usual answers include (that actually work)
- Set DNS in the router manually
- Set DNS in the computer manually (and lock/stop changing of resolv.conf)


- Disabling ipv6. (not proven to work)

These solutions are not actually solutions at all, they are workarounds, I'm unable to find a fix for it that does not involve setting manual DNS in the PC or router, but without this I can't use Ubuntu for my clients !!!

In my situation I have a standard build that needs to go worldwide with no editing or setting of manual DNS in the PC. (This also means that I can't access a clients ADSL modem to put the DNS settings in there).

Windows machines work fine.

It may be something about the router purporting to be a DNS Server when actually it's a DNS Forwarder?

On some of the routers, installing later firmware fixes it. (But not always). Using Windows always fixes it!

Why can't we do whatever windows does and have it "just work".

Do a google search for Ubuntu and you'll see how many times this issue is happening !

(One forum suggested it could it be an MTU too high / iptables issue?)

This bug may be what people are meaning in Launchpad Bug #'s 24818 and 23183