Comment 17 for bug 1571456

Anders Kaseorg (andersk) wrote :

If you want to fix this by pulling in the upstream 2.23 stable branch, here is a debdiff for that. I verified that debian/patches/git-updates.diff contains the output of ‘git diff glibc-2.23 glibc-2.23-21-g146b58d’, replaced it with the output of ‘git diff glibc-2.23 glibc-2.23-71-gbbe472f’ (minus the manual directory, which was removed from the source package), and resolved a trivial patch conflict.

There are some other important fixes there, including CVE-2016-1234, CVE-2016-3706, and CVE-2016-4429.

There’s a test build in ppa:anders-kaseorg/ppa.